Obscure Athletes

Where the 15 Minutes of Fame Never End

Hey, Do You Guys Remember…

In the realm of professional athletics, a select few are lucky enough to be the superstars–the perennial all-stars, making memorable play after memorable play, enjoying statistically brilliant careers, and perhaps even beeing immortalized in their respective major sports’ Halls of Fame.

This site is  not dedicated to those athletes.

Obscure athlete Enrique Wilson... remember that guy? I sure do.

Instead, the vast majorityof major sporting athletes fall into another category. Some call them “Role Players,” and many end up with fairly long careers, and become fixtures in their respective leagues. But no matter what we call them, eventually they all end up riding off into the sunset without a hero’s praise, without the fanfare received by the few, and their noteriety wanes until their names fade into obscurity. Until now. These are the players we love so much. The somewhat obscure  players that were in the background of all of our sporting memories.

I bet on more than one occasion, you’ve been hanging out with your friends and one of you said something to the effect of ”Dude, remember Enrique Wilson?” And all of your friends enjoyed a hearty laugh and a brief moment of nostalgia. Chris Smith and Mike Boss do this every day. We eat, breathe, and sleep mediocre athletes. And we know there are more of us out there. Somwhere.


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