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NBA Finals Game 4 in Boston Tonight at…9?

All right, first off, why the hell is tonight’s Celtics game on at 9? How much more money is the NBA making by not starting at 8? Really now, someone either at ABC or the NBA doesn’t think Game 4 of the Finals can draw more viewers than groundbreaking shows such as “CSI”, a rerun of “Glee”, and “Community”. But I digress..


Rajon Rondo's gonna be POSTIN UP on mofuggas tonight!

Ray Allen needs to come back with a fucking vengeance tonight. There’s nothing that gets me wetter than that face Allen makes after he sinks a huge 3 in someone’s face. It’s like he’s eye fucking the opposition into submission. I mean you have to figure that if Ray hit just a handful of his shots last game, the Celtics win. There should be no reason that the Lakers won that game, but let’s face it both teams played like shit. They needed a RIDICULOUS performance out of Derek Fisher, and you know that’s not gonna happen again anytime soon. KG finally got out of his funk, it’s pretty clear that he’s in Gasol’s head now, Garnett looked MEAN last time out.  Paul Pierce? Well, fuck me if I have any idea how he’s gonna do. The problem with Pierce is that he can suck for 3 quarters, then just come out of nowhere and put the team on his back for the 4th.

Oh and Rondo’s gonna be Rondo. Another triple double, easy. Kid’s in the fucking DZ Discovery ZONE.


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