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NAWN-Factors: Jason White

Andrew Nawn attends Framingham State College and his weekly column on Obscure Athletes discusses solid college football players who just couldn’t cut the mustard in the NFL.

     A recurring theme throughout college football is the quarterback who has immense success in College, but whose game just plain doesn’t translate to the NFL well. Perfect example is Mr. Jason White, and he is this week’s NAWN-FACTOR.  Where has this Heisman Winner and one time Oklahoma Sooner great gone? This Davey O’Brien award winner (for best college quarterback of the season) of the 2003 season is now a store manager of a Oklahoma/ Oklahoma State apparel store called A Store divided. He also worked with another Sooner Heisman Winner, late 60’s OU running back Steve Owens. Let’s see where this one time collegiate football stud started

"I can't wait to get PAID" thinks Jason White as he poses with his Heisman Trophy

going downhill after the 2003 season, shall we?

 Coming into the 2003 college football season there were three names ahead of Jason White in the Heisman race. They were Eli Manning of Ole Miss, Ben Roethlisberger of Miami of Ohio and Phillip Rivers of North Carolina State, then there was junior quarterback Jason White. With the help of freshman standout running back Adrian Peterson, the Oklahoma Sooners lost in the much ballyhooed BCS National Championship to the LSU. When it was all said and done, White beat out future NFL standouts Eli Manning and Larry Fitzgerald for the award. In the 2004 season, Peterson, now a sophomore, took the spotlight away from White, coming in second in the Heisman voting, with White finished in third place but taking home the Davey O’Brien award for a second year in a row, in the process becoming only the third quarterbacks to do so in college football history. In the two years White dominated the college spotlight, he threw from 75 touchdowns, 19 interceptions and a astounding 7,011 yards. The year he won the Heisman he threw 40 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions.

      Jason White probably wished he stayed in College beyond age 25, perhaps gaining some advanced degrees, as he went undrafted in  the 2005 NFL draft. He was signed by the Tennessee Titans practice squad but only for a short period of time as he was cut and became what you know of him now–a store manager, pushing Oklahoma football apparel,  and a career NFL NAWN-FACTOR!


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