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That Guy was an All-Star: The Robert Fick Edition

Does Robert Fick sound like the name of a former Major League all-star? If you answered ‘yes,’ then you, my friend, are absolutely correct. The 2002

Robert looks pretty excited here in his Orange County Flyers uniform. Hardly the All-Star treatment.

Detroit Tigers finished with a historically putrid 55-106 record, and in accordance with one of the dumbest rules in baseball that forces each team to be represented in the All-Star game, the Tigers put forth a catcher-turned outfielder by the name of Robert Fick. And why shouldn’t they have? Fick was in the midst of the second best statistical season of his career. Fick went on to post a .270 average to go with 17 home runs and 63 RBI—hardly all-star numbers. In fact, putting up slightly better statistics that season? Former Red Sox great Brian Daubach. And he sure as hell didn’t get the All-Star nod that year, much to this writer’s chagrin.

Fick’s career numbers weren’t much better. He’s been out of the majors since the end of ’07 and barring a comeback following three years removed from major league baseball, his career average was a pedestrian .248, with his on-base percentage not much better, at .328. He ended his tenure in Major League Baseball with 69 home runs and 324 RBI.

Now that I think about it, ya know what? I love the ‘every team has to be represented’ rule. It leads to guys like Robert Fick ending up in the All-Star Game. And that’s just hilarious, along with providing we obscure athlete enthusiasts with a bevy of obscure former all-stars to laugh at.


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