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Obscure Toss-Up: The Huard Brothers

How are the parents of the Huard Brothers to feel? Should they be immensely proud that they had not one, but two of their sons make it all the way to the National Football League? Or should they feel embarrassed because whenever they point out this fact at parties all but the most

Brock Huard, left, gaining more public exposure than he ever thought possible, doing color commentary for D-1AA playoff games

adamant of football fans look at them with tilted heads and say overly politely ask “Who?”  Should their high school coaches in Puyallup, Washington feel great that they took two highly talented high schoolers and gave them the tools to make it to the NFL? Or should they look up at the foggy, drizzling Seattle sky and wonder what they’ve done with their lives other than mentor two second rate quarterbacks? You decide.

Damon and Brock Huard both attended the University of Washington, where they were both started before the end of their respective sophomore years. Damon went undrafted and would sign with the Bengals during training camp, 1996. He was waived in short order, on August 16. Huard would take a year off, then make his way to the NFL Europe as a quarterback for the Frankfort Galaxy. He would eventually replace the injured Dan Marino for the Dolphins in 1999, leading the Fins to a 4-1 record. The Dolphins were unimpressed with his performance. So much so, that they brought in another obscure athlete– Jay Fiedler to be the starter for the following season.

No shortage of obscure Chiefs starting quarterbacks making appearances here at OA

As this was going on, brother Brock was busy putting up solid numbers at his brother’s Alma Mater, where he quickly earned the name Brock “Don’t call me Damon” Huard. Brock would ultimately sign with the Seahawks without playing time in 2000. In 2001, a gleaming highlight of Brock Huard’s career came when he completed his first NFL pass for a touchdown in a preseason game.

On November 26, 2000, the brothers’ Huard came together for what is widely considered the most mediocre weekend in NFL history when they became the first set of brothers to start at quarterback on the same day. Many fans must have thought that week 17 came a month early, because that seemed certain to be the only time both of them would even sniff the field on the same weekend.

So, obscure athlete enthusiasts, what say you? Who’s more obscure? Brock Huard, or older brother Damon?

Which esteemed Huard brother is MORE obscure?



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