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Obscure Spotlight: Greg Ostertag


You don’t fuck with 4.6 points per game

When you think of the best flat tops in the history of the NBA, you probably don’t have to think too long before you come to that atop the head of Gregory Donovan Ostertag. Greg Ostertag played 11 seasons in the NBA, most of them as a center for the Utah Jazz. Ostertag played his college basketball at the University of Kansas, where he established himself as one of the more dominant forces in the Big 12.
With the 28th overall selection in the 1995 draft, Jerry Sloan knew more than anything that he needed a great flat top to anchor the Malone-Stockton led team that was no doubt just a white center away from an NBA championship. So the decision became simple to pick Mr. Greg Ostertag with the selection.
Greg Ostertag asserted himself as quite possibly the whitest man this side of Rik Smits to play in the 1990s NBA. Greg Ostertag wore number 00 for most of his career, a perfect signature for such a mediocre and obscure NBA player. Ostertag never did win that championship he so desired, and neither did the Stockton-Malone tandem, famous for running into the Bulls’ dynasty of the 90’s. Tough break Jerry Sloan.

Sabonis over Ostertag never gets old, I still laugh every time I see it.

Possibly the greatest highlight of Ostertag’s career came in the 2000-01 season, when Greg Ostertag hit the only three-pointer of his career. In his eleven seasons, Ostertag averaged 4.6 points, 5.5 rebounds, and 0.6 assists per game.
OA salutes Mr. Gregory Ostertag for being a stunningly mediocre NBA player, and somehow remaining on an NBA roster for as long as he did. And for being the focus of today’s Obscure Spotlight.


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