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Obscure Triumphs: Pete Munro

So this comes a week late, and that might have something to do with the fact that I smoke entirely too much pot and just plain didn’t remember. What you may remember,  is that last Friday marked the seven-year anniversary of the Astros using six pitchers to combine for a no-hitter at Yankee Stadium. What you may not remember, however, is that the biggest part of that game shared by those six pitchers, 2 2/3 no-hit innings, were pitched by obscure former Astros hurler Pete Munro.

Pete Munro was picked by the Red Sox in the sixth round in 1993. After five years in the Sox organization, Munro was finally traded in 1998 to the Blue

Little did a young Mike Stanley know, one day he would bounce around the AL East like the slightly above average player he was

 Jays for longtime AL East darling Mike Stanley. He made his first major league appearance in 1999 with the Jays and spent parts of two seasons on the roster, coming out of the bullpen and making spot starts for Toronto, before ultimately being dealt again, this time to the Astros.

Munro allowed five of the six New York baserunners in his 2 2/3 no-hit innings, walking three Yankees, hitting one with a pitch and allowing one runner to reach on an error.

Munro’s 15 minutes weren’t over yet, however, as in 2004, he started two games in the NLCS against St. Louis, including game 6. Munro finished the series with two no-decisions, and 7.0 innings pitched, allowing 7 runs on 14 hits, including two home runs. Munro would never make a major league appearance again.

He last appeared on the baseball radar in 2008, where he had a brief stint with the York Revolution of the Atlantic League, before which he made an appearance in a league in Taiwan. Since being released by the Revolution after sustaining an injury, Munro has not appeared in a professional baseball game at any level, and his whereabouts are now unknown.

Munro, seen here at the height of his noteriety in Houston

Munro has quickly faded into obscurity since his performance in the 04 NLCS and now finds his name to be the answer to a six-part trivia question about that one glorious June afternoon in 2003, where he pitched 2 2/3 no-hit innings in one of the oddest no-hitters in major league history. And so the obscure triumph we celebrate today, is that of Mr. Pete Munro….wherever he is today.


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