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The Lions’ QB Saga: Scott Mitchell

After the 1993 season, the Lions were in search of a quarterback. The Rodney Peete era had come to a merciful ending, as he headed to Dallas, and for their starter Detroit looked eastward to Miami. Scott Mitchell looked to be a solid option, coming off of a season in which Dan Marino missed serious

A real pylon in the pocket, Scott Mitchell was no stranger to getting smacked around by opposing defenses.

playing time, leaving Mitchell with the starting role for a good chunk of the season. Mitchell held the fort down for the injured Marino, throwing 12 touchdowns to eight interceptions in seven starts.

Mitchell started nine games in his first season in Detroit, but didn’t become the full time starter until 1995, his best in the NFL. Mitchell threw 32 touchdowns to just 12 interceptions, and a total of 4338 yards, while leading the Lions to the playoffs. On Wild Card Weekend in Philadelphia, the Lions went down 58-37, with Mitchell completing just 13 out of 29 passes and throwing four interceptions.    

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After an average 1996 season, Mitchell rebounded a bit in 1997, leading Detroit back to the playoffs. The Lions, however, were dissatisfied with Mitchell’s performance and for the 1998 season inserted promising rookie, and future obscure athlete Charlie Batch into the starting quarterback role while  Scott Mitchell sat on the bench. After the ’98 season Mitchell left the Motor City for Baltimore and then Cincinnati. He would never start in the NFL again. So, with Charlie Batch at the helm, the Lions were set right? They had their quarterback of the future in place, and seemed poised to return to the playoffs behind their new gunslinger. Find out what happens with Charlie at QB next time on, The Lions QB Saga: The Revolving Door in Detroit.


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