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Obscure Spotlight: Mark Lemke

Of late here at Obscure Athletes we’ve been pretty biased toward the taller of the obscure athletes, forgetting to give some credit to the more diminuitive in sports. And one cannot discuss short, obscure athletes without soon getting to former Braves second baseman Mark Lemke.

The Lemmer's Lem-Goggles give him superior plate vision. But they only work in the playoffs.

When you’re a 5′ 10” second baseman with a career .246 average, an equally putrid .317 on-base percentage, and 32 career home runs, despite playing 11 season in the Majors, you bet your ass that one day you’ll be an obscure athlete. But Mark Lemke is not just an obscure athlete. “The Lemmer” was known for his glove rather than his bat. Despite this, he won a grand total of zero Gold Gloves in his career. Lemke also made a record 3664 plate appearances in Major League Baseball, and not one time was he ever hit  by a pitch. So what did this Braves great and obscure athlete have going for him?

In 62 career postseason games, Lemke established himself as one of the better clutch hitters in Atlanta. In the 1991 World Series, Lemke hit .417, with a record-tying three triples in the series, and a game-winning hit in game three of the series. He hit .234 in the regular season that year.

Lemke finally left Atlanta after the 1997 season, as one of the most beloved members of the Braves. He signed with the Red Sox, and appeared in only 31 games for Boston, suffering a concussion less than a quarter of the way through his first season in a Red Sox uniform, ultimately ending his career.

Braves fans never forget the postseason prowess of Mark Lemke. He wasn’t really all that good at a whole lot on the baseball field for the first 162 games of the season, but Mark Lemke was a small man who knew how to step it up when it counted.


Today’s Obscure Spotlight belongs to former Braves great Mark Lemke. Lemke tied the record with three triples in the 1991 World Series. With whom does Lemke share the record? Comment on the post with the answer to win a piece of Atlanta Braves obscure athlete memorabilia!


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