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Obscure Spotlight: Brian Daubach

This Friday edition of Obscure Spotlight is a VERY special one. I’ve been saving this one for quite some time. My alltime favorite baseball player, Mr. Brian Daubach, is the subject of today’s obscure spotlight, and you’ll find out why today in just a few moments.

Check out Dauber's forced smile juxtaposed with my genuine elation

Brian Daubach, the Belleville Basher, was born in 1972 in Belleville, Illinois. Daubach was drafted by the Mets in 1990, and made his Major League debut eight years later with the Marlins on September 10, 1998. The Dauber had his best years in Boston from 1999-2002, where he developed a reputation as a clutch hitter and a dirt dog. Daubach played well in Boston, hitting at least 20 home runs in all four seasons of his first stint in a Red Sox uniform.

After the ’02 season, Boston brought in fellow dirt dog and obscure athlete Kevin Millar to play first base, and Daubach left Boston to play for his hometown White Sox. In 2003 he played in only 95 games in Chicago, and a year later landed back in Boston, appearing in 30 games for the future World Series champs. The following year the Dauber signed on with the Mets, ending his major league career with the team that drafted him fifteen years earlier.

Brian Daubach was never in any of our baseball video games during his career. This, of course, was because the Dauber was regarded as a scab by the MLBPA after crossing the picket line during the brief work stoppage during his time as a minor leaguer in the Mets’ system. Which is why, when I got a chance to briefly meet him on Wednesday, when he came to Worcester, MA, as the manager of the Pittsfield Colonials of the Canadian-American baseball league, I jumped at the opportunity to ask him to sign my copy of Allstar Baseball 2002. He was a good sport about it and signed the game. That very copy of the game is now being given away as part of the Obscure Athletes 2010 Summer Contest! Subscribe to Obscure Athletes now to be automatically entered to win! Contest runs until August 31st, and the winner will be announced on September 1st. Good luck, and keep reading us!

Wanna win this copy of allstar baseball 2002 for Gamecube signed by Brian Daubach? Subscribe to OA today!


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