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Let the Gary Matthews Countdown Begin!

You probably don’t know this, but baseball season is over now. Game five of the World

"The 2010 World Series: But aren't the Texans on?!"

Series was last night and the Giants took it 3-1 to clinch their first Fall Classic in the history of the team’s occupation of the Bay Area. The series was a real snoozer and you didn’t watch any of the games. I understand. And I know you’d have watched game 5 but you were busy watching the Texans doing what the Texans do best—be mediocre—against the Colts on Monday night.

Gary Matthews, shown here, showing off his limited edition Gary Matthews Angels jersey.

The Rangers fell in the Series, and if there are any Rangers fans who read OA, we’re here to try and make your day just a bit better by beginning something I’ve been waiting on for ages now. You probably aren’t old enough to remember when the Giants moved to San Fransisco, but God damn do I feel old to think that the Gary Matthews deal is less than a year from being over.

I had just turned sixteen when Gary Matthews signed a five-year, $55 Million deal with the Angels. I was a gawky, portly, awkward preview of the epitome of man that I am today, and even then I knew it was possibly the worst deal in the history of the Angels’ organization.  And the end of it is finally in sight as I wake up this morning.

Forever tied to my growing up in suburban Worcester, MA, is the Gary Matthews deal. When I got my learner’s permit, Gary Matthews was one of the newest Angels. When I got my license, when I lost my virginity, when I graduated high school, there was the Gary Matthews deal, looming in the background. I used to say sarcastically things like “Oh, that’ll happen…when the Angels get Gary Matthews off the books!”

Matthews was shipped out of Anaheim before the 2010 season and hasn’t appeared in a game since June of last year when he was designated for assignment by the Mets, for whom he hit just .190 in 58 at-bats since being traded to New York. He signed a minor league deal with the Reds but was never called up. 

The Matthews deal was arguably the last laughably bad deal of the steroid era, and I’ve always said the steroid era won’t end officially until no major league team ever owes Gary Matthews a penny ever again.  And fortunately for baseball, and it’s fans, that day is rapidly approaching. Just as soon as the Angels, from whom he’s now two organizations removed, throw another $10.9 million his way.

But let’s face it, that catch he made was fucking DISGUSTING.


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