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Obscure Spotlight: Dave Brown

Now that we’ve discussed such a matter of serious baseball concern, I’m pleased to bring you the Obscure Spotlight, which tonight focuses on one of the greatest players to ever come from Duke University…the football team, that is. For those not familiar with Duke Football, or early-mid 90’s Giants quarterbacks, I of course am referring to Dave Brown.

Dave Brown is a product of Summit, NJ, and started his first game for Duke in 1989. Brown performed impressively, and when all was said and done would rank near the top of almost every relevant passing category. Then again, relevance is a term one must use fairly liberally in order to describe anything Duke football.

There's the ball on the ground. That happened more than once with Brown under center.

Brown continued to impress at Duke and would eventually be picked in the 1992 NFL Supplemental Draft by the Giants.  He got the nod from the Ray Handley-led Giants in December of that season, only to have his season prematurely ended by an injury. The setback was great, and Brown wouldn’t hit the field again until he won the starting job in New York in 1994. Dan Reeves’ faith in Brown paid off somewhat that season, with the G-Men finishing 9-7.

Unfortunately Brown played for the Giants in the post-Simms era–a time remembered for all of the obscure athletes that lined up behind center for New York– Danny Kannell and Kent Graham come to mind. As such the Giants had a rough go of it back then. Brown lost his starting job in 1997 and moved on to Arizona, where he was a spot starter for the Cardinals. Dave Brown took the final snap of his NFL career  for those Cardinals in 2001. His career line of 44 TD, 58 INT, and a passer rating of 68 are as unremarkable as it gets, and oddly enough, in his ten-year career, he never once threw for 300 yards in a game.


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