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The Super and the Obscure: Chris Chandler

The Super and the Obscure is a new segment here at Obscure Athletes, in which we talk about obscure quarterbacks who lost Super Bowls. They are numerous and hilarious. Today, the quintessential obscure Super Bowl losing QB, Chris Chandler.

Looks a bit like Derek Lowe, wouldn't you say?

By the time I remember Chris Chandler as the quarterback of the ’98 Super Bowl runners-up Falcons, he had already played nine seasons in the NFL for five different teams.  In fact, when it was all said and done, Chandler would hold the distinction of being the only player in NFL history to start for eight different teams in his career. He played for three teams that are no longer in the same cities—the  Cardinals when they were known as the Phoenix Cardinals, the Rams when they were in Los Angeles, and for the Titans when they were the Houston Oilers.  All three teams left town shortly after Chandler. Provocative.

Chandler was a two-time Pro Bowler, both times for Atlanta in 1997 and again in 1998. He was born in Everett, Washington and went to the University of Washington before being selected in the third round of the ’89 draft by the Colts. Chandler never did win a Super Bowl but started in Super Bowl XXXIII against the Broncos after beating the 15-1 Vikings in the NFC Championship game on a game-winning field goal by the ageless Gary Anderson. In the game Chandler was 19-35 for 219 yards, but his three interceptions helped seal the fate of the Chandler-led Falcons.

Chris Chandler never did recapture the magic he had in Atlanta after being let go by the

Some little kid in Atlanta must have seen this ad and said "Chris Chandler drinks milk, I should too!"

Falcons in favor of Michael Vick. He played three seasons more —two in Chicago, and oddly enough, ended his career with another brief stint with the Rams, who had, by then moved to St. Louis.

Chandler finished his seventeen-year NFL career completing 58.1% of his passes and with an unremarkable 79.1 passer rating. As a starter he won 58 games, and lost 71. A perfectly obscure, highly mediocre career. Stay tuned for more of The Super and the Obscure: Obscure quarterbacks to start and lose Super Bowls.


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