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The Dolphins’ QB Plot Thickens, Ramsey Looks to Dust off Cleats

Just a week after getting benched in favor of Chad Pennington, Chad Henne must have been pumped to find himself back in the game for the Dolphins yesterday after Pennington suffered what could be a career-ending shoulder injury just two plays into his first start since 2009. Not long later, Henne himself would be sidelined with what could well be a long-term injury to his knee.

What the hell happened to this guy?

The Fins, down two quarterbacks, and still with a quarter to go against the Titans, sent in 26-year old journeyman Tyler Thigpen, who completed 4 out of the 6 passes he attempted for 64 yards and a touchdown. Thigpen figures to be the starter for next Thursday’s matchup with the Bears, and that leaves the Dolphins with a void at backup quarterback. And when I think backup quarterbacks, I think of guys like Patrick Ramsey and Chris Simms. They must feel the same way in Miami, though Chris Mortenson from the worldwide leader reports that the Dolphins might also give legendary draft bust JaMarcus Russell a look.

Remember when Ramsey had that run as the starter in Washington? Your memory doesn’t deceive you, that was the last time that guy started a game in the NFL. It was 2005. He saw action in 2008, and quite frankly I thought he was dead.

That brings us to Simms, who’s thrown nineteen (19) passes since 2007. I don’t  know what

Simms, last seen taking snaps with the third team at Broncos' Practice.

kind of disgusting things Phil Simms has done to keep his kid in the NFL, but I feel it ought to be investigated. Because Chris Simms blows. He hasn’t thrown a touchdown pass since 2006, a season in which that was his only touchdown pass, to go along with seven picks.

There’s no more getting around it–the Dolphins have yet to replace Dan Marino as their quarterback. They’ve spent draft picks, traded for guys, and missed on trading for Culpepper rather than Brees. But God damn it, the Phins know how to evaluate backup quarterbacks. And why shouldn’t they? They’ve been playing with them since 1999.


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