Obscure Athletes

Where the 15 Minutes of Fame Never End

Hockey Fans, Your Pleads Fall not upon Deaf Ears!

Obscure Hockey fans, I hear you. This I promise. Obscure Athletes is making a pledge to

At least 70% of my hockey knowledge comes from Faceoff 99

involve the NHL just as much as other sports, and with that I’m proud to announce that Obscure Athletes is about to have its first ever weekly columnists. Starting next week, Josh Wilson and Ben Ricker will join us, bringing a wealth of hockey expertise and more of the lame humor you’ve come to expect from Obscure Athletes. And with that, I’ll finally be able to refer to Obscure Athletes as ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ and have it be true!


That being said, hockey’s gonna have to wait until next week, ¬†today’s obscure spotlight will feature NFL great David Terrell, stay tuned!


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