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Obscure Spotlight: David Terrell

I was a ten-year-old Christopher when my Patriots passed on drafting wide receiver David

Terrell during his 'Star on the Rise' days

Terrell with the sixth pick in the 2000 draft, and I thought first-year coach Bill Belichick had no idea what he was doing. Instead Belichick and the Pats took future five-time Pro-Bowler Richard Seymour. Terrell fell to the Bears at 8, and Chicago snagged the Michigan University star.

Good thing I wasn’t ten years old and running the Patriots, though if I were, the team would have had far more problems than deciding who to pick sixth overall. Terrell had all the physical makeup of a future NFL great, but in the end proved to be a highly uncoachable player who couldn’t get out of his own way. After floundering for three seasons in Chicago and spending little time in the starting lineup, the Bears released Terrell after the ’04 season.

Looking for work, however, proved a tough task for the wide receiver, and Terrell’s post-Bears career was even more dismal. The Patriots took a flyer on Terrell in 2005, but David couldn’t cement a spot on the New England roster, and was released during training camp. The Broncos signed Terrell off the scrap heap, though he would appear in only one regular-season game for Denver. He would never play a game in the NFL again, despite going to training camp, again with the Broncos in 2007.


Terrell during his painful descent in Chicago.

Maybe he was the malcontent he was painted as in Chicago, and maybe it was the pressure of being the supposed next great wide receiver in the NFL. And maybe it’s that Dick Jauron’s a big schmuck. Nonetheless, for whatever reason, David Terrell went from top ten pick to NFL bust in a damn hurry, and I hope now he appreciates having his fifteen minutes of fame preserved forever,  right here at Obscure Athletes. Today’s Obscure Spotlight, ladies and gentlemen, Mr. David Terrell.


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