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Derek Anderson–Newest Friend of Obscure Athletes

Amid all the Otis Nixon-related excitement yesterday here at Obscure Athletes, and our boycott of Monday Night’s game, we somehow forgot to touch on the Derek Anderson blowup! Let me just say, those Worldwide Leader types must have creamed their collective pants as it was going down–because, just as I predicted,  the game was a snoozer and had nothing compelling to offer even the most dedicated of football fans, and what better than a good old fashioned media blowup for that dickhead Skip Bayless to talk about on First and Ten on a Tuesday?

I rate this meltdown a 8.5/10. It featured an obscure athlete, there was yelling, and it ended the press conference abruptly. I’d say it’s pretty damn good. So we wanna know, where does this rank for you in terms of most hilarious sporting meltdowns?



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