Obscure Athletes

Where the 15 Minutes of Fame Never End

What is Obscure Athletes?

In the realm of professional athletics, a select few are lucky enough to be the superstars–the perennial all-stars, making memorable play after memorable play, enjoying statistically brilliant careers, and perhaps even being immortalized in their respective major sports’ Halls of Fame.

This site is  not dedicated to those athletes. No, instead, Obscure Athletes is about those pro athletes who were once somewhat prominent in their craft, but whose time has passed and greatness has left behind. Guys like Enrique Wilson, shown below.

Obscure Athletes was created by Chris Smith and Mike Boss in an effort to bring fame back to those obscure athletes who we loved so much–or at least to make fun of their marginal talent. Give us an obscure athlete and we’ll make sure those fifteen minutes of fame never end! The site’s also a bit of a dumping ground for all of the thoughts we feel the need to purge from our heads, on the wide world of sports. So grab some popcorn and reach back into your memory bank, Obscure Athletes is like a lifetime of mediocre players flashing before your eyes!

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