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Howlin’ Herm

Herm Edwards was just on ESPN, yelling at Chad OchoCinco for his continued Twitter-Antics, and telling him

Teams must be falling all over themselves to give him another head coaching position.

to “Strap the helmet on and just play football!” (Follow @obscureathletes on twitter) Aside from how absurdly hypocritical this helmet-wielding rant from Edwards is, considering the fact that he’s employed by a network that actively promotes Twitter and actually has fucking segments during SportsCenter to talk about tweets from athletes, has anyone else had just about enough of this clown?

Given his ‘Pep talk’ rants and other outlandish NFL commentary, I ask you this, Obscure Readers. If you didn’t know Herm was a failed NFL head coach and successful ESPN pundit, wouldn’t you think he was a crack addict struggling mightily to get clean? I know I would. It must be way more difficult to brandish your “Fired Coaches Association” membership card over in Bristol, when unlike your counterpart Jon Gruden, you never won a goddamn thing as a pro coach. Even if Gruden basically stole Tony Dungy’s second ring.


ESPN, you disappoint!

Tonight the Home Run Derby, one of the more entertaining, and often funnier events of the baseball season, comes to us live from Angel Stadium in Anaheim. I love the Home Run Derby, but just as fun, if not funner, to me, is customarily the day of the Derby in the afternoon, when almost every year I can remember, ESPN plays reruns of derbies of any and all years past. Just seeing some of the ridiculous contestants that once enjoyed the national spotlight at the Service Merchandise, Century 21, and State Farm Home Run Derbies, is enough to warm my obscure athlete loving heart.

Is this guy even serious?

But today was different. Much to my chagrin, Home Run Derbies of years gone by were foregone today in favor of shows like NASCAR Now, the Scott Van Pelt Show, and Sports Nation. They’d rather put that clown Colin Cowherd on TV than hilariously obscure relics of the Steroid Era like Brady Anderson, Wally Joyner and Raul Mondesi hit bombs. That, to me, is simply inexcusable on the part of ESPN.

Oh and fuck them for talking about Brett Favre on SportsCenter.

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